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CDL Training Near Arnold

Trucking Programs in Arnold

If you decide to become a truck driver in Maryland, you can take advantage of the prominent truck driving industry in New England. Whether you want to drive a truck within your area or throughout New England, there are nearby CDL programs in Arnold that can provide you with the training you need to get started. Don’t wait to learn more about joining the trucking industry in Arnold. Request more information from local trucking schools today!
In Maryland, you can earn a Class A or Class B driver’s license. With a Class A license, you can drive a combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,000 or more pounds. With a Class B license, you can drive a single vehicle of this size. As you look into trucking schools in Arnold and local employers, you may be able to figure out which license is right for you.

What You’ll Learn in Trucking School

Every part of a CDL training program is designed to prepare you for the Maryland licensure process. In general, CDL-A programs in Arnold tend to last about three weeks. Class B programs can often be completed in about two weeks of full-time study.
If you decide to add endorsements to your Class A or Class B license, your training period may be longer. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration indicates that drivers can pursue the following endorsements:

  • Passenger
  • School bus
  • HAZMAT/tanker
  • Tanker
  • Multiple, double, or triple trailer

It’s important to keep Maryland’s unique licensing process in mind while preparing for training, since you may need to start training early to take your written test. Per the Motor Vehicle Administration, aspiring CDL holders must take a written test and earn a learner’s permit before they get behind-the-wheel practice. Once you’ve completed your behind-the-wheel practice, you can take your skills test. The Maryland skills test includes a pre-trip inspection, which may last up to 45 minutes, and several maneuver tests, which may take up to 10 minutes each.
Truck driving schools in Arnold may teach you many different maneuvers and truck driving tricks. During your practical training, you can learn how to reverse, park, turn corners, and merge onto the highway in a large truck. In addition, you’ll get to look inside a truck and learn how to perform a vehicle inspection.

Career Outlook for Arnold Truckers

Through 2022, truck drivers in Arnold can anticipate a relatively stable job outlook. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net expects a 2% increase in job openings for Maryland heavy truck drivers. This amounts to over 350 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2012). The job outlook is slightly better for light truck drivers. In this same time frame, O*Net predicts a 5% increase in job openings.
Truck driving salaries in Arnold are relatively close to the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that heavy truck drivers earn an average salary of $41,190 per year. Their estimates indicate that light truck drivers earn a median income of $36,290 per year (BLS, 2013).

Living the Trucking Life in Arnold

After completing your CDL training in Arnold, you can begin your job search. Many state and nationwide employers have locations in or near this city. Some of the most prominent employers in this region include West Side Transport, A&R Transport, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, and Venezia.
There are resources for new and experienced truck drivers in Maryland. Even as a student, you may want to look into joining the Maryland Motor Truck Association. This group helps truck drivers stay compliant with state laws, find truck driving jobs, and meet other trucking professionals in the area.

As a truck driver, you may be in the position to make a positive change in your community. ABC News reports on a Maryland truck driver that has become known throughout the state for helping homeless families. Despite working a full-time trucking job, Arnold Harvey spends his free time delivering food, toiletries, and blankets to people living on the streets.
Don’t wait to learn more about becoming a trucking professional in Arnold, Maryland. Contact the truck driving schools listed here to compare programs!