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CDL Training Near Calais

There are many diesel companies and employers in Calais, including Sonker Trucking, J. R. Wood Corporation, Donald L. Newman Trucking, and Brown Banden. Highways in this area include Maine State Route 9 and I-92. Calais is a very small city; it has about 3,000 residents.Do you want to become a diesel mechanic and work on some of the biggest vehicles in the industry? If you live in the city of Calais, there’s one school you can attend to learn all about diesel technology: Washington County Community College. On average, tuition costs about $3,503. The average scholarship award is $659.

When you go into this program, you can graduate in about two semesters of study. You can earn a certificate after completing 32 to 34 credits. The course covers technician safety, heavy equipment repair, and equipment operation. You may spend a lot of time in the lab.