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CDL Training Near Sunset

Sunset is such an important part of Louisiana’s trucking industry because of its proximity to many major highways. Some of the highways that go through Sunset include Highway 178, Highway 343, Highway 754, and Pershing Highway. Local employers include Sunset Logistics and Dal Unlimited. The current population of Sunset is about 2,900 people.If you’re aware of the size of the trucking industry in Louisiana, you may know how many career opportunities it can offer new truck drivers. As a new truck driver, you may be sought after by large employers, earn sign-on bonuses, and even get your schooling paid for. Coastal Truck Driving School is the trucking school in Sunset.

Since your new career may require you to be responsible for the safe transportation of millions of dollars of product, your training is very important. You should have a strong grasp of Louisiana truck driving laws by the time you graduate. In addition, your trucking hours can help you feel comfortable on the road.Trucking professionals in this region that drive heavy trucks and tractor-trailers earn an average of $40,120 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Light truck drivers report a median income of $28,240 per year (BLS, 2013).