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CDL Training Near Lafayette

Driving in Lafayette

Lafayette is one of the largest cities in Louisiana, with over 122,000 residents and there are several large trucking companies in this area, including State Wide Transport and Express Courier International. Major highways in Lafayette include Louisiana Highway 182, U.S. Route 167, and U.S. Route 90.

Find Truck Driving Schools in Lafayette

Becoming a truck driver or diesel mechanic is a great way to join the ranks of other independent workers in America. With one job you get the freedom to see the country and the other the ability to work with your hands every day. Here at AllTrucking.com we want to help you take the next step toward that career you want. Whether you want to climb behind the wheel of a big rig or tinker under the hood of a diesel, we’ll help ya get moving. Lafayette is currently home to one school that offers both of these programs: Acadiana Technical College. You can complete a truck driving program in six to eight weeks, and you may be able to finish your diesel training program in one to two years.

However, just because there is only one school within city limits, don’t let that stop you from being picky about the school you attend. There are a number of other schools in the surrounding communities like Opelousas, Sunset, and Baton Rouge. Look in all of these cities to find improve your chances of finding the right school that fits you the best.

Whether you wish to be a driver or a mechanic, you still need to consider some criteria when selecting a trucking school. One of the biggest questions students have is cost. Not all schools cost the same, but may still offer relatively similar training. Some offer financial aid, so it is important to ask whether or not you qualify. Also, be sure to ask questions like how many hours the program will require, class sizes, graduation rates, and if they have connections with local employers that could help you get a job upon completion.

For those interested in trucking driving schools near Lafayette, you should also ask questions related to your craft. Do they offer both Class-A and Class-B CDLs, do they offer endorsement training, how many miles will you drive before you get your license, what kind of truck will you be driving, and can you rent the truck for licensing test. Make sure to way all of these answers against one another when comparing schools so that you select the school that makes the most sense for you.

The Lafayette area has over 1,100 light truck drivers, who earn an average annual salary of $28,240 per year (BLS, 2013). Heavy tractor-trailer drivers, on the other hand, report an average annual income of $40,120 (BLS, 2013).

Get your new career started off on the right foot by using the school below as well as schools on other Louisiana city pages to contact and request information so you can compare and choose which trucking school is best for you.

CDL Training Near Lafayette

Acadiana Technical College - Crowley

Coastal Truck Driving School - Opelousas

South Louisiana Community College - Lafayette