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CDL Training Near Hammond

Get Trucking in Hammond

Louisiana truck drivers are a significant part of the trucking industry in the South, traveling all over Louisiana and neighboring states. If you think you’d be a great truck driver, you can attend Coastal College Truck Driver Training in Hammond to get started. When you contact them, be sure to ask if they offer drivers an opportunity to earn endorsements that some employers require, such as Passenger, HazMat, and others.

Get Real CDL Training in Hammond for a Real Career

Rather than just being about getting behind the wheel and driving, trucking programs are designed to offer a comprehensive driving education. Your program will likely cover safety, driving laws, driving techniques, and major highways in Louisiana. Overall, you may get close to 200 hours of education. Close to half of your hours may be from behind-the-wheel driving hours. Ask Coastal College about their career placement services to find out if they can help you pursue your next job when your training is complete!

Hitting the Road in Hammond

Hammond has a wide variety of trucking companies, including RP Trucking of Hammond, Dunn Trucking, Hammond Pride LLC, and Estes Express Lines. You may have to travel the area’s biggest highways, including Louisiana Highway 1064, I-12, and Old Hammond Highway. Hammond currently has a population of approximately 20,000 people.

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tractor-trailer drivers in this region earn a median annual salary of $40,870. The average salary for a light truck driver is $33,480 per year (BLS, 2013).

Take charge of your career, and move into the fast lane. Contact Coastal College today to learn more about their truck driver programs in Hammond!