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CDL Training Near Wichita

Wichita has many benefits to offer new truckers, including a cost of living that is 18% below the national average. This area is served by major highways like I-135 and State Highway 81. Some of the largest trucking employers in Wichita include Lanier Trucking Inc. and Mercer Transportation.If you want to become a truck driver and earn a lucrative salary in as little as four weeks, there is one school in Wichita that can help you get started: Wichita Area Votech Truck Driver Training. This dedicated truck driving program can help you earn your Class A license in four to eight weeks. If you want to earn a Class B license, you can graduate in as little as one week.

Typically, a truck driving program is treated like a full-time job. You are expected to spend 40 hours per week in school, although there are schools with part-time programs.