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CDL Training Near Goodland

With sizable trucking employers like J & L Deliveries, Yellow Freight, Tri-State Commodities, and Old Dominion Freight Lines, Goodland is an important city in the state trucking industry. Highways in this area include U.S. Highway 24 and Kansas Highway 27. The cost of living in this city is 20% below the national average.Are you mechanically gifted and looking for a job that will keep your hands busy all day long? The career for you may be in diesel technology. The field of diesel technology involves fixing vehicles, whether in a shop or on the side of the road. In Goodland, the one school that offers this degree is Northwest Kansas Technical College, a school with an average scholarship award of $1,935.

To earn a full degree in diesel technology, you must complete 77 credit hours at Northwest Kansas Technical College. This requires four semesters of full-time study and hands-on experience.