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CDL Training Near Bettendorf

Bettendorf is a mid-sized city of 34,000 people. There are several important highways that run through this area, including I-74, I-80, Iowa State Highway 92, Iowa State Highway 67, and U.S. Route 61. Local trucking companies include Diamond Transportation System, Daily Express, and U.S. Transportation Logistics.It should come as no surprise that Iowa has a thriving truck driving industry, due to its bustling shipping industry. If you want to become a truck driver, you may be able to enjoy numerous job opportunities in this state. The city of Bettendorf is home to Scott CC Truck Driver Training, the local truck driving school.

Truck driving school covers a variety of skills, so you should be ready to work hard. Your education will likely start in the classroom with driving laws and safety issues. With the help of an instructor, you can learn how to drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer.