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CDL Training Near Muncie

Your career in Muncie will likely rely on the area’s main highways, including Highway 35, Indiana State Road 332, and Indiana State Road 3. Large trucking companies in the area include Broadway Trucking Inc., High Five Transport, and Richard L. Braun Trucking LLC. The cost of living in Muncie is 23% below the national average.Muncie offers prospective truck drivers two school choices, both of which boast small class sizes and offer plenty of driving hours. You may be able to get financial aid from your school. In addition, you can use your school’s employment services to find an employer that reimburses you for your tuition costs.

With so many choices, you can choose a program that meets all of your training needs. SAGE is one local school that has many different choices. The shortest option is a 40-hour Class B training class and the longest option is a 2,150-hour comprehensive course.