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CDL Training Near Prospect Heights

As a Prospect Heights truck driver, you can have access to local trucking routes like East Northwest Highway and West Northwest Highway. There are over 16,000 people living in Prospect Heights. Some of the most important trucking employers in this area include J.B. Expedited Services, Royal Transport, and Andrew Bir Trucking.If you want a new career, you may have put it off in the past because you don’t want to spend two or more years earning a degree. With truck driving, you don’t have to worry about that. Instead of a two-year degree, you could earn your degree in just two weeks. The city of Prospect Heights has one truck driving school: Eagle Training Services.

One benefit of studying in Prospect Heights is the availability of small classes. A small class can be hugely beneficial, as you can ask more questions and spend more time learning how to drive a truck.Trucking professionals that drive a heavy truck in this Chicago suburb claim a median income of $48,700 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). The median salary for a light truck driver is right around $38,820 (BLS, 2013). Both salaries are well above the national average.