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CDL Training Near Park Ridge

Park Ridge, which is home to over 37,000 people, plays a big role in the state’s trucking industry. It has many important trucking employers, including Alex Express Trucking, Moloney LLC, J.D. Senese & Associates, and G.R. Freight Lines. Highways that run through this area include Northwest Highway and Busse Highway.Are you ready for a career change that may boost your income and offer you job security? If you are, it may be time to look into a truck driving career. The first step is attending a truck driving school to learn how to safely drive tractor-trailers and straight trucks. In the city of Park Ridge, Illinois, Viking Driving School is the only trucking school available.

At truck driving school, you can plan on learning about driving laws, record keeping, and other aspects of this career. Once you get onto the open road, you can learn various driving techniques and maneuvers.