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CDL Training Near Monmouth

The city of Monmouth is known for its cost of living, which is almost 20% below the national average. Over 9,000 people live in this city. U.S. Highway 67 and U.S. Highway 34 run through Monmouth. Trucking companies in the area include RMC Transport, Haase Trucking, and McMahon Brothers.Illinois is home to a wide variety of trucking companies and truck driving schools that serve the state’s growing transportation industries. If you live in the city of Monmouth, you may have one trucking school available to you: Uptown Driver Training.

There are many benefits of attending a dedicated truck driving school. You can attend a Class A or Class B program, depending on what your career goals are. You may also be able to take advantage of career placement services provided by your school. These services can include interview preparation, finding job openings at local companies, and job application help.