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Get Rolling with Driver Training in Grayslake

As the gateway to the Midwest, Illinois plays a big role in the nation’s trucking industry. This makes Grayslake the perfect place for you to start your trucking career. ATS Professional Truck Driving School is the one trucking school in this city. At AllTrucking.com, we want to help you view your options for training in your area. It’s in your best interest to contact all the programs to compare their benefits before you enroll. Each school is unique, even though the skills you will learn may be the same.

Get Moving Today

You can get started in a trucking career very quickly in Grayslake. ATS allows you to complete your truck driving training in just three weeks. Once you graduate, the school can help you find a job with a local truck driving company. They also have unique types of financing, including career loans and WIA funds. No matter what your financial situation, these schools may be able to offer you options for pursuing training. But if ya don’t get in touch with them, you’ll never know. So request information from the trucking schools in Augusta to get rollin’.

Driving in Grayslake

The village of Grayslake has over 21,000 people that enjoy the village’s many amenities. Some of the biggest highways in Illinois, including Highway 45 and Highway 120, run through Grayslake. Total Freight Transportation, Matic Transportation, and Lukenbill Trucking are some of the biggest trucking employers in the area. In this metropolitan area, professionals that choose to drive heavy trucks can earn a median income of $48,700 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those who drive light trucks earn an average of $38,820 per year (BLS, 2013).

Find out how you can get moving into a new career as a driver in Grayslake. Contact the schools in your area today!