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CDL Training Near Danville

Starting your career in Danville puts you near major employers like Wayne Transports Inc., Central States Distribution, and Con-Way Freight. Highways that may play an important role in your career include Illinois Route 1 and Highway 150. The cost of living in this area is 21% lower than the national average.If you are ready to put your mechanical skills to use in a new career, you can attend two different truck driving schools in Danville. The average cost of tuition is $6,285, but it’s important to consider financial aid. The average scholarship in Danville is $3,127. Many truck driving schools help you find a job that reimburses you for your training expenses.

At truck driving schools, you can often complete your education in four to eight weeks. You may be able to complete your education even quicker if you pursue a Class B license or attend an accelerated program.In total, there are over 800 truck drivers in Danville. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that light truck drivers earn a median salary of $32,990. They note that the 620 heavy truck drivers in this city get an average salary of $51,190 (BLS, 2013).