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CDL Training Near Cicero

Truck Driving Schools in Cicero, IL

Are you ready to start a new career that can help you earn a living while seeing the country? Consider becoming a truck driver. Truck driving has the potential to be a great career because drivers are in such high demand these days. In Cicero, there are a few schools that offers truck driving training. At AllTrucking.com we help prospective students find schools that can help them hit the road as quickly as possible. No matter what kind of trucking job you want to pursue, we can help you get started.

Earn Your Class A or B CDL

You can decide to pursue either a Class A driver’s license or a Class B driver’s license. There are mainly two differences between the two licenses: a Class A takes a little longer to obtain, but it will allow you to drive heavy-tractor trailers, while a Class-B is for light-trailer and other equipment like buses and utility trucks. Before you choose a truck driving school, you should compare schools to make sure you choose the right one. Be sure to talk to school representatives about your goals for truck driving. Ask them what companies they have connections with and if they help with career placement.

Also, make sure to ask about other important factors such as tuition costs and whether or not you qualify for financial aid. Don’t be afraid to ask about the program itself: how many hours a day are required, how many miles will you drive, what kind of equipment will you be using, what is their graduation rate, and do they offer endorsements like HazMat training?

Finally, be sure to look outside of Cicero for truck driving schools. Being so close to Chicago, there are a number of additional schools that offer programs within a relatively close driving distance. Even consider schools further out than that because after all, your new career is going to be having you drive further distances than that anyways.

Learn Your Salary Potential

Some of the most significant trucking employers in this area include Sloop Inc., BMS Trucking, and Cushing Transportation, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics you can expect to earn an average salary of $48,700 per year/a>as a tractor-trailer driver.

Talk to the schools below to learn more about your potential opportunities in the trucking industry!