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CDL Training Near Brookfield

Get Trucking in Brookfield

Truck driving careers are as versatile as the people who hold them. If you start a truck driving career, you may drive around Illinois, throughout the Midwest, and around the entire country. There is one truck driving school in Brookfield that can prepare you for this career path: Chavez Driving School. To find out more about their programs and career placement assistance, contact them today to learn more. You may also ask if they offer endorsements, such as double or triple trailer, HazMat, and others.

Be Road Ready with CDL Training in Brookfield

As a student at Chavez Driving School, you can benefit from the small class sizes offered by this school. While you may work closely with other students during the classroom portion of your training, you’ll work individually with a driving instructor to get your required driving hours. In total, your program may last between 150 and 300 hours. Be sure to contact Chavez Driving School to discuss your goals and find out for sure what you’re looking at for completion time and class schedules.

Life on the Road in Brookfield

There are over 19,000 people living in Brookfield. Throughout the course of your trucking career, you may travel many local highways like West Lincoln Highway, South Kingery Highway, and I-194. Local employers include Hammer Express, ZMX Transportation, and Connors Transportation Company.

In general, trucking salaries in this region are significantly higher than the national average. Heavy truck drivers report a median income of $48,700 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Light truck drivers earn an average of $38,820 annually (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to learn more about your options for CDL-A programs in Brookfield. Contact Chavez Driving School today!