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CDL Training Near Belvidere

Earn Your CDL Training in Belvidere

Whether you want to drive a big rig near Belvidere, throughout the Midwest, or across the country, there may be trucking schools and jobs for you in this region! Belvidere is home to many major manufacturing plants and shipping companies that depend on trucking companies to ship goods all over the country. Unlike other careers, which may require two years or more of school, trucking schools in Belvidere often allow you to complete your training in six weeks or less. If you want to train for a career in the Belvidere trucking industry, contact the schools listed here to learn more!

With the variety of CDL programs in Belvidere, you can look for the type of training that suits your career goals. The course you choose determines which type of license you earn and what endorsements you can apply for.

What You’ll Learn in School

The curriculum of your truck driving course depends on whether you’re applying for a CDL-A or CDL-B. A CDL-A is the more demanding option, as this type of license allows you to drive larger and heavier trucks, including multiple, double, or triple trailer trucks. CDL-B licenses have more restrictions.

By the time you complete your driving course, you should feel completely safe and competent behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer or straight truck. This means that you must be able to back up, park, drive on different types of roads, and perform other basic driving maneuvers. Illinois trucking laws and standards will likely be a significant part of your education. According to CyberDrive Illinois, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for a commercial driver’s license. If you plan on driving across state lines, you must be at least 21 years old.

Truck driving schools in Belvidere may offer additional endorsements. Hazmat endorsement allows you to transport hazardous materials within Illinois and across state lines. If you want to be part of a driving team, you’ll need a passenger endorsement that permits you to drive with other people in the truck. Other available endorsements include:

  • Air brakes
  • Combination vehicle
  • Charter bus
  • Doubles/triple
  • School bus
  • Tank

In Illinois, you can also apply for a farm-related services CDL. This is a restricted driver’s license that allows you to work for a farming company for up to 180 days with a Class B CDL.

Career Outlook for Trucking Professionals

The job outlook in Illinois is excellent. Between 2010 and 2020, O*Net predicts a 13% increase in job openings for tractor-trailer drivers. This is slightly higher than the national average (O*Net, 2010). In that same time frame, they expect job openings for light truck drivers to grow two times faster than the national average (O*Net, 2010).

Trucking salaries in the Belvidere area tend to be relatively close to the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $41,420 per year. Their estimates show that light truck drivers claim an average income of $34,190 per year (BLS, 2013).

Trucking Life in Belvidere

Upon completing your CDL training in Belvidere, you may be able to apply for jobs at many different places. Your options vary, depending on whether you want to drive locally or over-the-road. The type of driver’s license you have may also affect what job opportunities you have. Some of the most prominent truck driving companies in Belvidere include Kennedy Transportation, C.R. England, Earl L. Henderson Trucking, and Towne Air Freight. Since truck drivers are in demand in Illinois, you may even be able to secure a trucking job before you graduate.

Consider joining the Illinois Trucking Association when you start your driving career. This large group is a source of support and growth for truck drivers all across Illinois. As a member, you may be able to enjoy members-only events and exclusive job openings. In addition, you can take online training courses that expand your knowledge base and make you more appealing to employers.

If you want to get behind the wheel and burn rubber towards a new career, contact the trucking schools in Belvidere today to compare their programs!