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CDL Training Near Assumption

Choose Quality Truck Driver Training in Assumption

The road to becoming a successful truck driver in Assumption starts with a truck driving education from the main trucking school in this area: CJ’S Driver Training School. A trucking curriculum is made up of many components, including Illinois driving laws, truck components, and hands-on driving. They may also offer endorsements, such as multiple, double and triple trailer, HazMat, Passenger, and more. Be sure to ask about their career services as well. Many times, schools will help you find work after you complete your training.

Complete Your CDL Training

By the time you complete your Class A or Class B driving program, you should be prepared to pass both the Illinois written and skills exams. Hands-on experience will likely make up the majority of your training; you may get over 100 hours of on-the-road driving time. This gives you experience in many types of trucking techniques.

Driving in Assumption

With a very low cost of living and 1,100 residents, Assumption is a popular small town for new trucking professionals. Local employers include McLeod Farms Trucking Services and OK Transport. There are several large highways that go through Assumption, including U.S. Highway 51 and Illinois Highway133.

In general, truck drivers’ salaries in this region are similar to national averages. Those who drive heavy trucks indicate a median annual salary of $37,720 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those who drive light trucks earn an average of $28,440 (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to find the right CDL-A programs in Assumption. Contact CJ’s today to learn more!