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CDL Training Near Caldwell

Holman Transportation, Bill Fifer Trucking, Success Transportation Services, Scott Fulcher Trucking, and Idaho Transportation Equipment are some of the most important truck driving employers in the Caldwell area. Local highways, including Idaho State Highway 44 and Old Highway 30, serve the city’s 47,600 residents. They also benefit from a low cost of living.If you have heard about the growth in the nation’s trucking industry, perhaps you’ve wondered how to get involved. Since driving a straight truck or tractor-trailer requires specialized knowledge, you may need to attend truck driving school to begin a career as a driver.

SAGE is the main truck driving school in Caldwell. They offer several types of driving programs, so it’s important to look through the list and choose one that suits you. The Class B program is the shortest option, lasting just one week and 40 hours. The comprehensive program covers 2,150 hours of education.