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CDL Training Near Burley

Burley is a mid-sized city in Idaho with a population of 10,400 people. Idaho State Highway 30 and Idaho State Highway 81 are two of the most important transportation routes in Burley. DATS Trucking, Jones Farms, Double M Transport, and Bean Transport are local employers.Idaho is a state that’s known for its trucking industry. Whether you want to ship food and products within the state or travel all over the United States, a truck driving career may help you reach your career goals. SAGE is the one trucking school in the city of Burley.

There is one huge advantage to attending SAGE trucking school: their employment services division. SAGE works with a range of well-known trucking companies and motor carriers to help new graduates find rewarding jobs. You may even be able to find work with a company that’s willing to pay for your education.