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CDL Training Near Blackfoot

Blackfoot is a city with an exceptionally low cost of living. Idaho State Highway 26, Idaho State Highway 91, and Idaho State Highway 39 go through this area. Prominent Blackfoot trucking employers include Benwa Trucking, Ralph Dalley Farms, Sanchez Trucking, Parcel Express, and Blackfoot Transfer Company.If you’re looking forward to starting a truck driving career in Blackfoot, Idaho, there’s one school that may help you get started with the training you need: SAGE. This school has a long list of program options. The longest program is a program of 2,150 hours, while the shortest option is a Class B training program that lasts 40 hours.

The most common courses at SAGE are a basic tractor-trailer course that lasts 150 hours and a tractor-trailer advanced course that lasts 80 hours. The school may help you figure out which course best suits your educational needs and career goals.