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CDL Training Near Winder

Check out CDL Training Programs in Winder

If you want to start a career that has lots of job options in Georgia, truck driving may be the ideal career for you. Students looking for truck driving programs in Winder can attend ‘CDL of Georgia.’ The school is conveniently located near the highway, making it incredibly easy for you to get the driving experience you need. And sometimes, it’s not just rookies who need training. Sometimes, drivers with experience need to get endorsements, such as HazMat, or brush up on their skills. No matter what your needs, don’t hesitate to contact CDL of Georgia to learn more about what they offer.

Life in Truck Driving School in Winder

You should plan on spending about 40 hours per week in school to earn your commercial driver’s license. Since you spend so much time in school every week, you can usually graduate within three to six weeks. A Class B program is even shorter. Just think, in weeks, not months, you can be hitting the road with the wind in your hair and your favorite station cranked up on the radio! Be sure to ask what kinds of career placement services they offer graduates. Many students connect with their next employer through their trucking school connections.

Rock N’ Roll Towards Success in Winder

The small city of Winder has just over 14,000 residents. They enjoy a cost of living that is approximately 10% lower than the national average. Major highways in this area include Highway 211 and Highway 82. Some of the largest trucking employers include Carlyle Trucking and Transport Service. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck drivers in this region have an average annual income of $42,460. Those who drive light trucks earn an average of $35,210 each year (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to explore the right CDL programs in Winder! Contact CDL of Georgia today to get started!