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CDL Training Near Rincon

Rincon is a mid-sized city of just about 9,100 people; it has a very low cost of living. Highways that cut through Rincon include Georgia Highway 21 and Georgia Highway 1. Local employers include Sunny Point, TRIMAX Transportation, Allcoast Intermodal Services, and Warehouse Basics.Have you even driven past a straight truck or tractor-trailer and wondered if you could drive one of these large vehicles? You may be able to with the help of a truck driving program in Georgia. There is one such program in the city of Rincon. It is located at Savannah Tech.

As a Savannah Tech truck driving student, you can work to earn either a Class A driver’s license or a Class B driver’s license. While you should plan on about six weeks of study to earn a Class A license, you may be able to complete a Class B course in about two weeks.