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CDL Training Near Lithonia

The city of Lithonia has a very low cost of living for its 1,900 residents. Covington Highway is the main road that runs through this city, giving access to other trucking routes. Major trucking companies in Lithonia include VG Trucking, Volume Transportation, and Brown Trucking.With the country’s growing dependence on the trucking industry, now is the ideal time to begin a career as a truck driver. When you become a trucker, you can travel all over the region. Georgia Piedmont Tech is the main truck driving school in the Lithonia area, giving you the opportunity to earn a Class A or Class B driver’s license.

Trucking school is often much shorter than other types of education you can pursue. The shortest route is a Class B license, which you can often complete in under two weeks. A Class A license can often be earned in about six weeks.