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CDL Training Near Jesup

ruck Driver and Diesel Mechanic Programs in Jesup for You!

If you’re ready to start your truck driving career, there is one school in Jesup that you can attend: Altamaha Technical College. This school offers both diesel mechanic and truck driver training, so you can get into the trucking industry in two different ways. The diesel equipment program takes about two years, while the truck driving course takes approximately four months. Here at AllTrucking.com, we know how quickly you want to change your life for the better. That’s why we recommend contacting the school in your area to find out if your goals and skills match their programs.

Trucking Programs to Move Your Forward

There are several scholarships you can apply for in Georgia to fund your education. The Georgia Motor Trucking Association offers numerous named scholarship awards every year. You may also qualify for federal funding in the diesel program. If you think you may not be able to afford training, you aren’t alone. Many potential drivers worry about the cost of school. That’s why you have to contact Altamaha and see what options you have. It can’t hurt to check it out. And make sure to ask em what employers they work with. You may recognize some of the names. Those are the companies that you can strive to work with as well.

The Trucking Life in Jesup

Although the population of Jessup is just above 10,000 people, the city has many opportunities for truck driving students and truckers. Many important highways run through Jesup, including Georgia Highway 203 and U.S. Highway 301. There are several large trucking employers, including McKenzie Tank Lines and LBB Trucking. If you are based out of Jesup, your salary may vary depending on which employer you choose. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that tractor-trailer drivers earn an average of $38,800 per year, while light truck drivers earn an average of $33,970 per year.

Don’t wait to get your career in gear! Contact Altamaha today!