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CDL Training Near Elberton

Join the Elberton Truck Driving Industry!

Truck driving is one of the biggest industries in the entire country, making it a great career choice for you if you want to travel. With a truck driving license, you can travel all over Georgia or all over the country. Athens Tech is a local school that has a trucking program. If you want to be a part of this dynamic career field, contact Athens Tech to learn more about their program and career placement assistance. They may have strong relationships with employers who are always on the lookout for quality drivers.

Be the Best in Class

As part of a small class, you can learn about Georgia’s driving laws and the parts of a truck. Then you get to work one-on-one with an instructor to learn how to drive. Your trucking program will likely last between four and eight weeks, depending on how many practice hours you get. With the personalized instruction you can receive at Athens Tech, you can improve your driving skills more efficiently.

Hit the Road in Elberton

Elberton is a small city with just over 4,600 people. It offers access to many major highways, including Hartwell Highway and State Route 77. There are several large trucking companies in Elberton, including Darica Trucking Company, Flat Creek Xpress, V and S Trucking, and C.A. Rucker Enterprises. In the Elberton area, the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that light truck drivers earn an average salary of $27,360 per year. Those who drive large trucks earn an average of $39,480 each year (BLS, 2013).

Let’s find the best trucking program for you today! Contact Athens Tech to learn more about their truck driver training!