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CDL Training Near Buford

Buford is a city of 12,200 people that enjoy the city’s below-average cost of living. There are many truck driving companies in this area, like Trinity Transport, Pro Stop Truck Service, and Hazen Transport. Area highways include Georgia State Route 13 and Buford Highway.Are you ready to start your new career, traveling around the country and earning money for every mile you drive? You may be the perfect fit for a truck driving program. In Buford, there is one truck driving program that can prepare you for licensure: Daly’s Truck Driver Training School.

When you first begin your truck driving program, you may spend most of your time in the classroom. You need to learn about Georgia’s many driving laws and what is expected of truck drivers. Then you can round out your education with over 100 hours spent behind the wheel of a truck.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that heavy truck drivers in this area earned an average of $42,460 in 2013. Their estimates show that light truck drivers earned an average salary of $35,210 in 2013 (BLS, 2013).