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CDL Training Near Baxley

Map Your Road To Success!

Truck driving is a fast-growing job path that can change your future and shape your career goals. . At AllTrucking.com we want you to know your options for truck driver training. In Baxley, Georgia, there’s one large truck driving school with multiple programs: Altamaha Tech Truck Driver Training. As a truck driving student, you can choose to work towards a Class A or Class B license. The best way to learn more about their program is to contact the school directly. You will want to ask them plenty of questions and let em know what plans you have for a truck driving career.

How Long is Truck Training Programs in Baxley?

Not only is truck driving a promising career path, it allows you to start working and earning money right away. A Class B program only takes about two weeks to complete. A Class A program can take up to eight weeks. Both programs are divided into two parts: a classroom training portion and a truck driving portion. That’s a pretty efficient way to prepare for a new career. Plus, if you land with a reputable company, you’ll have additional training that will really make you ‘road ready’ to rack up those miles!

Become a Trucker in Baxley

There are lots of reason to study and work in Baxley, including the very low cost of living. Baxley plays a big role in Georgia’s trucking industry, with roads like I-16 and Georgia State Road 341. In addition, major companies like Williams Brothers Trucking and Bullseye Transport are located in Baxley. On average, those who drive tractor-trailers earn about $42,460 per year in this area (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). The listed average salary for light truck drivers is $35,210 per year (BLS, 2013).

Contact Altamaha today to learn more about their training programs!