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CDL Training Near Austell

Austell has grown rapidly in the last few years to a population of 6,700 people. Georgia Highway 78 and Bankhead Highway are two of the largest trucking routes in Austell. Local trucking companies include Arnold Transportation Service and Roadrunner Auto Transport.If your future career goals include a job in Georgia’s growing trucking industry, the city of Austell may be able to help you. Katlaw Driving School is the primary truck driving school in this city. There are three main training options at this school. If you attend school full-time during the week, you can earn your Class A license in three weeks. Attending school on the weekends can earn you a Class A license in eight weeks. The Class B program takes one week.

Tuition at this school varies from program to program. The Class B program costs $1,495, while both Class A programs cost $3,195.