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CDL Training Near Tampa

Change Your Life Through Truck Driving Schools in Tampa

Are you ready for a new career that can be a good way to earn a living while having the freedom of rolling down the highway? Consider becoming a truck driver. There are two truck driving schools in Tampa that can help you get started. Both of these schools have small class sizes, so you can benefit from more personalized instruction and hands-on experience. If you want to earn your CDL-A or endorsements, such as HazMat, talk to the schools below to compare their programs!

Find CDL Training in Tampa

Truck driving programs vary between schools in Tampa. If you want to earn a Class A license, you can graduate in four to eight weeks. In an accelerated program, you can finish your training in three weeks. Just think, in a couple of months you can be talking with employers about your next career opportunity!

Truck Driving Salaries in Tampa

Tampa can be a great place for a new career, thanks to its many attractions and cost of living that’s almost 10% below the national average. Local highways include I-275 and State Route 50. There are many large trucking employers in this area, including J.W. Watson Trucking Inc., Quality Distribution Inc., and Wes-Flo Company.

The average annual salary for a Tampa heavy truck driver is $37,360, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Light truck drivers, on the other hand, earn an average of $33,990 per year (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to learn more about CDL training in Tampa! Contact the schools below to get started!