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CDL Training Near Tallahassee

Hit the Road with Truck Driving Schools in Tallahassee

Your truck driving goals may include staying in Florida, driving around the southeast, or driving around the entire country. Whatever you hope to accomplish, you may want to start your career at a truck driving school in Tallahassee. There is one truck driving program in this area, and it’s located at Tallahassee Community College.

How to Choose Right CDL Training Program

If you decide to attend a truck driving program at a local college, you may be able to graduate in one semester or less. Your educational time may be split between the classroom, where you learn about driving laws, and the road, where you learn how to safely navigate a truck. You can also earn endorsements that trucking companies want drivers to obtain before being hired. Some of these include HazMat, school bus/passenger, multiple, double, and triple trailer.

Hitting the Road with Trucking Jobs in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is a growing Florida city that’s home to almost 187,000 people. Two of the largest highways in this city are U.S. Route 319 and U.S. Route 27. Prominent employers include Averitt Express, R + L Carriers, McKenzie Tank Lines, and Autostar Transport & Logistics.

Take the next step in your trucking career. Contact MTA Tallahassee Community College to find out more about their trucking programs!