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CDL Training Near Orange Park

Orange Park is a mid-sized city with just over 8,400 people. U.S. Highway 17 runs through this city, providing an important transportation route for truckers. Some of the largest trucking employers in Orange Park are C.H. Robinson, Savage Company, Johanson Transportation Services, and Eagle Systems.There are a lot of industries in Florida that rely on truck drivers and the trucking industry, including manufacturing and food production. As a result, many trucking companies are looking for educated drivers to fill positions. In the city of Orange Park, National Truck Drivers School is the only truck driving school.

As you try to prepare for truck driving school, you have to choose which type of license you want to earn, since this decision affects what type of education you get. A Class A license takes about six weeks of full-time study and a Class B license takes about two weeks.