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CDL Training Near Montverde

Montverde is a fairly small city with a population of almost 1,500 people. You can get experience with many Florida highways, including State Highway 455 and State Highway 50. Local trucking companies include Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation and Truckers Solution LLC.With its proximity to the ocean and other southern states, Florida is an important trucking hub. You can take advantage of the many truck driving jobs in this state by getting a truck driving education in Montverde. Commercial Driving Testing Services is the one trucking school in this city.

At this school, you may be able to choose between a Class A license and a Class B license. You can earn your Class A license in just about six weeks of full-time study. Since a Class B license allows you to drive smaller trucks, you may be able to graduate in as little as one week. Both programs have many truck driving hours.Truck drivers in this area earn average salaries that are on par with national averages. For heavy truck drivers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary is $36,330. Their estimates show that light truck drivers receive an average salary of $31,530 (BLS, 2013).