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CDL Training Near Miami

Burn Rubber with CDL School in Miami

Many large cities have booming trucking industries, which makes Miami the perfect place to start your truck driving career. There are two dedicated truck driving schools in Miami, both of which have small class sizes and Class A training programs. With full-time study, you can expect to complete your education in under eight weeks. Going to school as much as 40 hours per week may allow you to graduate in about three weeks.

Earning Your CDL License in Miami When You Attend Trucking School

Because both schools are located near major Miami highways, you can plan on getting lots of driving experience. Requirements vary between schools, but you’ll likely spend dozens of hours on the road. Requirements vary between schools, but you’ll likely spend dozens of hours on the road. Some schools offer opportunities to earn endorsements that employers look for in candidates, such as: HazMat, multiple trailer, and more! Be sure to discuss your options with several schools before making your decision!

Join the Miami Trucking Scene

Its population currently over 413,000, Miami is one of the largest cities in Florida. When you begin your career here, you’ll be expected to know local highways like Dolphin Expressway, I-95, and State Highway 112. Trucking employers in this area include Chain Express Corporation, Andrew Auto Transport, and Trans Pro Freightways.

In this whole region, there are over 15,000 heavy truck drivers and over 13,000 light truck drivers. Those who drive tractor-trailers and heavy trucks claim a median income of $36,610 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Light truck drivers earn an average of $30,760 (BLS, 2013).

Move forward in your career today! Contact the schools below to get started!