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CDL Training Near Lauderhill

With a low cost of living and almost 70,000 residents, Lauderhill has much to offer new truck drivers. The city has easy access to local highways like North Federal Highway Hollywood and Highway 7. There are many local trucking employers, including Astra, S&D Transport, and Bori-Chama Transportation.A truck driving education could be your key to a new career and improved earning potential. The city of Lauderhill currently has one school with training in this area: Commercial Driver’s License School. Since the school starts new small classes every month or so, you can begin your education whenever you are ready.

If you are trying to figure out how to pay for your trucking certificate, there are several options to consider. There may be grants and scholarships offered by your school. If you can come up with the money upfront, you may find an employer that will reimburse you.Estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that tractor-trailer drivers in this region get an average of $36,610 per year. The median salary for a light truck driver is $30,760 (BLS, 2013).