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CDL Training Near Somers

Somers is a fairly small city of 11,200 people. The cost of living is significantly lower than the Connecticut average. Connecticut Route 190 is one of the largest highways in this city. Local employers include Herb Holden Trucking, Reeves Transport, Poulin Enterprises, and L.R. Hawthorne Trucking.Are you looking to start a career in the transportation industry of New England? If you have a clean driving history and a strong ability to work independently, consider becoming a truck driver. Somers is home to one of the largest training schools in the region: New England Tractor Trailer Training School.

There are three types of training programs in Somers. You can earn a Class A driver’s license in 160 or 540 hours of training. If you’d rather get a Class B driver’s license, you can do so in about 40 hours of study.