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CDL Training Near Bridgeport

Bridgeport is one of the most affordable cities in Connecticut, with a cost of living that’s 14% below the Connecticut average. Connecticut Route 8 and I-95 both run through Bridgeport. Hine Brothers, We Transport, Con-Way Freight, and S.E. Parker are some of the biggest trucking employers in this area.The New England truck driving industry is a growing field in and of itself, although it is also an important part of the national industry as well. If you want to start a truck driving career in Connecticut, consider attending a truck driving school in Bridgeport. NETTTS Tractor Trailer Training School is the main driving school in Bridgeport.

New England Tractor Trailer Training School has a range of programs, ranging from 40 hours for a Class B license to 540 hours for a Class A license. This school also has a career services department that can help you find a job.