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CDL Training Near Trinidad

Three major highways run through Trinidad: State Highway 85, State Highway 87,and I-25. There are approximately 8,700 people living in the city. The cost of living is 19% lower than the national average. Local trucking companies that may hire new graduates include M & R Trucking, Valdez Trucking, and RAC Transport.Prior to beginning a truck driving career in Trinidad, it’s important to get lots of experience driving a tractor-trailer and learning all about Colorado driving laws. In Trinidad, there is one school that offers a truck driving course: Colorado Truck Driving School.

Since Colorado Truck Driving School is located right off of two major highways, students get the chance to earn plenty of truck driving hours. Instructors are typically long-time veterans of the trucking industry that have decades of experience in the field. You may be able to earn your license in as little as three weeks if you attend school full-time.Salaries in this area really differ with different types of trucking jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $37,830 annually. Their estimates show that light truck drivers have a median income of $29,660 (BLS, 2013).