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CDL Training Near Colorado Springs

Get Trucking with CDL Training in Colorado Springs

Ready to start an exciting truck driving career in Colorado Springs? This area has one truck driving training program: MTA – Colorado Springs. This school allows you to complete your training in about four to eight weeks. If you are ready to learn about training opportunities, including CDL and endorsements that employers look for, take the next step and contact MTA today. With additional qualifications such as HazMat, school bus/passenger, and more, you can qualify for more positions in the industry.

Comparing Truck Driving Schools in Colorado Springs

Before you begin your truck driving education, it’s important to decide what kind of license you want to earn. You can typically finish your Class A training in about six weeks. If you want to earn a Class B license, you may be able to complete your education in just one week. You may be able to get career placement assistance once you complete your training.

A Career After You Complete a Top Program from a Colorado Springs Truck Driving School

When you start your trucking career in Colorado Springs, you can benefit from a cost of living that’s 10% below the national average. Major trucking employers in this area include Saunders Trucking, Fackler Transportation Inc, Con-Way Freight, and Swift Transportation.

Take the next step towards new opportunity in the trucking industry. Contact MTA to learn more about their programs!