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CDL Training Near Visalia

Truck Driving in Visalia

With over 127,000 people, it’s clear that Visalia relies on trucking professionals to transport goods in and out of the state. As one of the most affordable cities in California, Visalia has a cost of living that’s 21% lower than the national average. Important employers in this area include TLN Inc. and Forrest Transportation.

CDL Training in Visalia, California

How would you like to start a new career in a matter of weeks? The urban center of Visalia is home to a couple truck driving schools including: Advanced Career Institute. This school offers all the education you need to become a skilled truck driver. You can complete a basic or advanced course, depending on how much experience you have. The best way to access the right program for you is requesting information from schools in your area. We want to help connect you with instructors that can help you prepare for success.

Choosing the Right Truck Driving School

Like any major purchase decision in your life, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each school against one another to make sure you are choosing the truck driving school that best meets your needs. One of the biggest questions people must ask each school is cost. How much will the training cost you, do they offer financial aid, do they have relationships with trucking companies that offer tuition reimbursement?

Another important factor to consider is schedule. You might have a job you need to work at to help put you through school, or maybe a family for which to care. Some schools will offer daytime, evenings or even weekend training to help you schedule classes around your schedule. However, this could alter the timeline in how long it takes you to complete your truck driving training.

Other questions that you should consider asking your school are:

  • Do they have relationships with companies that hire their graduates? This could dramatically increase your chance of getting a job out of school
  • What type of equipment will you be using and learning to use?
  • How many hours a week will you be driving? Approximately how many miles?
  • What is a typical day of training like? Is it mostly classroom work or more hands on?
  • What are the school’s graduation rates
  • Will they rent their equipment for your CDL test?
  • Do they offer both Class-A and Class-B CDL training?

Finally, be sure to ask about any additional training that they might provide. For instance, do they offer training toward license endorsements such as HazMat or tanker? Endorsements such as these can help you stand out against the competition, as they are generally in high demand due to the nature of the haul and the training necessary. Drivers with these endorsements also can earn a higher wage because of the type of haul you are performing.

Salaries for heavy truck drivers and light truck drivers are fairly similar in Visalia. Estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that tractor-trailer drivers earn an average of $35,580 per year. The median income for light truck drivers is $32,280 per year (BLS, 2013).

If you want to stop dreaming of a truck driving career and hit the road – what are you waiting for? Contact the schools below to get started!