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CDL Training Near Victorville

A number of prominent highways run through this city, including U.S. Highway 395 and California State Route 18. This is also a fairly affordable city, as the cost of living is almost 24% below the state average. Local trucking companies include A & J Transport and Desert Valley Towing.Are you interested in becoming a truck driver? This field has lots of options, from over-the-road positions to local and regional trucking jobs. One of the first steps involves getting a thorough education in all aspects of truck driving. The city of Victorville is home to U.S. Truck Driving School, a local trucking program.

As a student of U.S. Truck Driving School, you can choose from two main programs. The first is a Class A program, which lasts 160 hours and takes four weeks of study. The second is a Class B program, which lasts 40 hours and takes one week.