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CDL Training Near Sun Valley

Sun Valley is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that is home to about 75,800 people. Main highways that run through Sun Valley include California State Route 170 and I-5. Some of the largest employers in this area are JP Logistics, Pena Grading, and Estes Express Lines.If you live in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sun Valley, there are two schools you can attend if you want to begin a career in the truck driving industry. Hi Desert Trucking School and Randhawa Trucking School are both able to give you a comprehensive education in the theory and practice of truck driving.

The programs available vary from school to school. At Hi Desert Truck Driving School, for example, there are three options. You can earn a Class B license in three weeks of full-time study, a Class BP license in about five weeks, or a Class A license in eight weeks.