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CDL Training Near Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is a growing city of 170,000 people. California State Route 12 and California State Route 101 both run through this city. Some of the most prominent trucking employers in Santa Rosa are Butch Cameron Trucking, Atech Logistics & Distribution, Dennis Floyd Trucking, and R & S Trucking.If you like figuring out how things work and working with all types of vehicles, now may be a good time to consider a career in diesel technology. This field requires an intensive knowledge in how diesel vehicles work, which you can get at Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa. Tuition costs about $1,278 in this area and students receive an average scholarship award of $493.

You can work towards two types of degrees: a Associate’s degree or Certificate of Completion. These degree options take between four and six semesters of full-time study in the classroom and lab.