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CDL Training Near Santa Maria

Be a Driving Force in Santa Maria

If you want to become a truck driver and take to the open road, Santa Maria can be a great city to study in. There are two schools with truck driving programs. Both CET and Truck Driver Institute offer Class A driving classes. The average class has 15 students, allowing you to benefit from all that small classes can offer. Plus, many truck driving schools have relationships with local employers that can help students find jobs after training is complete.

Learn the Skills Companies Look for During Your CDL Training in Santa Maria

You can typically earn a Class A driver’s license in four to eight weeks. The Center for Employment Training has driving classes that start up on a monthly basis, so you can begin your education whenever you are ready. You may also be able to earn endorsements that employers look for, such as HazMat, double and triple trailer.

Truck Driving Success in Santa Maria

With its low cost of living, Santa Maria is a popular city for new trucking professionals. U.S. Highway 101 and California State Route 166 play a big role in the local trucking industry. Some of the biggest trucking companies in Santa Maria are Steve Soares Trucking and Mountain Valley Express.

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck drivers in Santa Maria earn an average of $41,630 annually. Those who decide to drive light trucks or delivery trucks claim an average salary of $34,690 (BLS, 2013).

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