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CDL Training Near Santa Ana

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Santa Ana is home to four schools that can give you a comprehensive education in truck driving or diesel technology. The city boasts a low average tuition rate of $1,142. Add the average scholarship of $726 and you see how affordable school can be here! California Truck Driving Academy, America Truck Driving School, and United Truck Driving School all offer small class sizes. At AllTrucking.com, we want you to get in the driver’s seat and charge ahead towards a new career on the road. With the options you have below, you can compare several programs to be sure you make the right choice.

Which CDL or Diesel Mechanic Program is Right for You?

Choosing the right training program is a big part of finding the right school for you. At United Truck Driving School, you can complete a comprehensive Class A program in 4.5 weeks, a conventional Class A program in four weeks, or a Class B program in three weeks. That’s a pretty efficient way to learn road safety, driving skills, and other qualifications for pursuing a job driving.

Get Working in the Trucking Industry Today

Santa Ana is one of the most affordable cities in California—its cost of living is 9% below the California average. You’ll need a strong knowledge of area highways, like Santa Ana Freeway, I-5, and U.S. 91. Area employers include Dot Line Transportation Inc. and Swift Transportation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that tractor-trailer drivers earn an average salary of $42,580 per year. Their estimates show that light truck drivers earn, on average, $35,210 annually (BLS, 2013).

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