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CDL Training Near San Jose

Life After Graduating from a San Jose Truck Driving School

San Jose is home to many large trucking companies, including Swift Transportation, Dominguez & Sons Trucking Inc., and San Jose Distribution Services. These companies rely heavily on the area’s highways, including California State Route 85 and California State Route 87.

When applying for jobs after graduating from your truck driving school, it is important to know what kind of job you want. Some companies offer local driving jobs that offer better home time, while some will pay more for Over the Road (OTR) jobs. OTR jobs can be exciting as they allow you to get out and see lots of different places across the country, but it is harder to get you home, while local jobs can get you home each night, but they often require driving the same roads every day. Drivers in the San Jose area earn on average $46,000 a year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But before you apply for jobs you need to get your CDL training, and the best place to start is by clicking on the links of schools below and requesting information.

Truck Driving School in San Jose, CA

If you have a goal to hit the road and start driving for a reputable company, we can help you get started. At AllTrucking.com we are dedicated to connecting prospective truckers with schools. Getting your trucking education can be easy with the three trucking schools in San Jose, so it is important to contact all three, or more in the surrounding towns, to make sure that you choose the school that is right for you. One school, San Jose Trucking School, you can choose from four types of driving classes: a comprehensive course that takes 350 hours, a 160-hour premier course, a standard 80-hour class, and an accelerated 48-hour Class A program. This school also allows you to rent a truck for your exam.

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions when speaking with schools. Learn their success rate, if they have relationships with employers, and so forth. It’s a good idea to write down your goals and review them with school administrators as well. Discuss what kinds of jobs you want, what types of routes, and hours on the road you want to work. They can give you an idea of what the job market looks like for graduates. Also, ask about costs of their program, do they offer any financial assistance, and do they have relationships with companies that offer tuition reimbursement.