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CDL Training Near Salinas

Since there are so many trucking companies in Salinas, there may be many job opportunities for you upon you graduate. Local companies include Golden State Overnight, Dawn Transportation, A&Z Trucking, and Segoviano & Sons Trucking. Two of the biggest highways in this area are California State Route 68 and Salinas Monterey Highway.If you are a good driver, have a strong ability to focus on the task at hand, and can work independently, truck driving may be a good career move for you. California truck drivers are needed to transport products all over the southwest. In Salinas, you can get a truck driving education from Coastal Trucking Institute LLC.

Truck driving requires a strong knowledge of California driving laws, which is why your program starts with a classroom education. Upon learning all of the driving laws and techniques, you work individually with your driving instructor to get the driving hours you need.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that tractor-trailer drivers in this area earn an average salary of $38,900 per year. Their estimates show that light truck drivers bring in an average income of $31,840 (BLS, 2013).