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CDL Training Near Redding

Start Your Trucking Career in Redding

Ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat and start moving toward a new career? Redding is home to four schools that have truck driving and diesel mechanic programs. So whether you want to drive for a living or work with your hands as a mechanic, you have those options. This is a very affordable place for students, since the average cost of tuition is $1,183. The variety of financial aid opportunities have created an average scholarship award of $840. There are several schools with small class sizes, including American Truck School LLC, Norcal Truck Driving School, and Future Trucking Professionals.

Choose the Best CDL Training Program for You

There are many different types of diesel technology and truck driving programs in Redding. Trucking programs generally last four to eight weeks. At Shasta College, you can complete your diesel training in one to two years. It’s important for you contact as many schools in your area as possible to get a complete picture of your options. Be sure to talk to each school about your plans for the future. The relationships they have with local employers can go a long way toward landing your first job.

Be a Part of the Redding Trucking Community

Redding is one of the most inexpensive places in California, with a cost of living that is on par with the national average. Major trucking employers include Muse Trucking and Con-Way Freight. Large trucking highways include California Route 299 and California Route 44. The city of Redding has over 1,500 truck drivers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a light truck driver is $36,000 per year.

Don’t wait to show employers that you were made for the road. Contact the schools below to get started!