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CDL Training Near Pittsburg

Trucking in and Around Pittsburg

In addition to being home to more than 65,000 residents, Pittsburg has a fairly large trucking industry due to its proximity to the coast. There are large employers like JBA Trucking and Nanak Trucking. You’ll need to be able to navigate local highways and transportation routes like California State Route 4 and the Port Chicago Highway.

Truck Driving Schools in Pittsburg

The trucking industry in California has opportunities and room for growth as the population continues to grow, and need for goods and services continues to rise. If you want to attend a truck driving school in Pittsburg, you can attend Ace Truck Driving School. This school offers a variety of truck driving education programs to help you start your new career. However, if you are willing to expand your search radius to towns and cities outside of Pittsburg, your options in terms of schools increase drastically. At AllTrucking.com we work to give you the options you need for truck driver training.

What to Look for in CDL Training

One of the benefits of attending school in Pittsburg is the fact that it offers small class sizes. You may get more truck driving hours and opportunities to interact with your instructors. Plan on spending about two to four weeks to earn a Class B license or four to eight weeks to earn a Class A license.

When selecting a truck driving school, it is also important to consider things like cost, the availability of financial aid, schools reputation and number of years in business, graduation rates, number of miles on the road, and things of that nature. Also, consider asking an admissions counselor if they have any relationships with companies that hire their students upon graduation. The whole reason you are going through CDL training is to get a job, so the less leg work you have to do, the better.

Finally, consider asking if they offer additional training for trucking endorsements like HazMat or Air Brakes. These endorsements are specializations that can set you apart from your competition, making you more sought after in the job world. Often times these endorsements bring larger paychecks too.

If you start your trucking career in Pittsburg, you may join over 8,000 other truck drivers. The heavy tractor-trailer drivers in this group earn an average income of $45,850 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). The average income for a light truck driver is $41,200 (BLS, 2013).

If you’re ready to get started down road to a new truck driving career, then contact the school below, or schools on additional city pages in your area to get started.