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CDL Training Near North Highlands

North Highlands, a mid-sized city of just 42,700 people. The cost of living is over 20% lower than the statewide average. Some of the largest trucking companies in North Highlands are Interstate Express, Ready Trucking, Laguna Line, Mission Courier, and Dave’s Hauling & Demolition.The city of North Highlands has a range of job opportunities for newly educated truck drivers. The first step is completing a training program that blends classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driving experience. Twin Rivers Adult School is the only truck driving school in the city of North Highlands.

One of the first decisions you have to make is which type of driver’s license you want to earn. A Class A license is the more popular option, as it permits you to drive straight trucks and tractor-trailers. A Class B driver’s license only allows you to drive straight trucks. Programs range from two to six weeks.